Stocking a wide selection of foods from Mexico, Italy, Japan, to name just a few, along with providing the island with over 50 artisan cheeses and meats from all over the world, the deli has everything you need to host your perfect dinner party.

You’ll also find tasty treats and sweet snacks from an ever-expanding old fashioned sweet shop, allowing you to take a step back to your childhood with a large selection of hard boiled, jelly, and fizzy sweets – we’re sure to have your favourites!

A wide range of Local Produce available in The Deli:

  • Fynoderee Distillery
  • Foraging Vintners
  • Ross Bakery
  • Paula’s Kitchen and many more

For further details please call 01624 801874 or use the contact form below

Forganing Vintners
Ross Bakery
Paula's Kitchen